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The only discount card saving you money on quality living while helping the planet!

The Planetkind cards allow you unlimited discounts at many ground level and online businesses. You simply present your digital card to the ground level businesses or use the discount codes we provide you if it’s for an online company. Sick of temporary discount codes? Want all year savings instead? Want to save money & support our planet?


Find below oir Locations to use your discountcard in various ways.


All our partner businesses located in Dublin


All our partner businesses located in Cork

Online Discounts

All our partner businesses offering Online Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How often can I use my card?

As much as you want! We specify if a discount is not unlimited. The potential to save is limitless!

How do I know where I can use it?

The quickest way to stay up to date is to follow us on social media such as facebook & instagram and check the website from time to time. Check out our google maps for ground level businesses!

I’m a tourist, how do I know where I can use the card?

Check out our google maps on the website!

I don’t live near a big city, is it worth me getting the online discount card?

Yes!! Online business is growing and the potential to save on foods, health products, ethical fashion and much more is unlimited & expanding!

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